Getting to Compass Cay

From Ft. Lauderdale to Staniel Cay

Makers Air*

Executive Airport Ft. Lauderdale

*Watermakers is the only scheduled service from FXE; otherwise, all flights are charter.

Staniel Air

Executive Airport Ft. Lauderdale

Professional Air Charter (PAC)

Executive Airport Ft. Lauderdale
Banyan Air Service

Tropic Ocean Airways

Offers safe and reliable private travel, cargo transportation, as well as provisioning services throughout Florida and the Bahamas with a fleet of late-model Cessna Caravan amphibians and wheeled aircraft.

From Nassau to Staniel Cay

Golden Wings Charter

Air Charter Bahamas

Note: We will meet you at Staniel Cay and transport you by boat to Compass Cay. Transfer time from the airstrip to Compass is approx. 20 minutes.